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Version: 2.x

Technical requirements


  • Node.js version 14 or above (which can be checked by running node -v). You can use nvm for managing multiple Node versions on a single machine installed.
  • React version 17 or above

Our current implementation uses Node.js 20. Choosing it will help you to eliminate issues related to the installation of the package and its' usage.


Forminer needs one of the uniforms themes. You can also create your own custom uniforms theme.

uniforms-???@3.10.2 // One of the uniforms themes.


Does Forminer support the latest version of React?

Currently we support React 17 and 18.

What version of uniforms theme is required?


How can technical requirements change in the future?

React and uniforms are the foundations of Forminer and it's unquestionable that they always will be. Packages and their versions might be changed in the future.

How can I make sure that Forminer is compatible?

Check your Node.js, React, and uniforms theme versions.