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Version: 2.x

Supported technologies

The main requirement is to use React, with which the Forminer's components are written.

Other libraries/frameworks

If you're using another frontend framework it's not all lost! In any major frontend framework like Angular, Vue, Svelte, Ember, and many more there is a possibility to install React. After doing that next step would be to check React documentation on how to implement it correctly in your app - Integrating with Other View Libraries.

One of real life examples: you can create a simple React-based app (e.g. with Vite) that will be used by forms creators, and use an application built with Angular for your customers that uses React and render the proper forms within it.


Can I use it on the project with Angular/Svelte/Vue?

Yes, as per the explanation above

What are the technological limitations of Forminer - with what stack it will work?
What are possible workarounds for other technologies? What is not possible at all?

If you are able to install and use React with your current project then it's possible to use Forminer. Please also check the dependencies section of technical documentation.